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TULCMM is a charity organization

opposing crime & violence, using positive message music.

Rock, blues, country, Christian, & more.        

Funky Blues Man

By, David Street

 "Praise Ye The Lord" is on this "Savior Rock Volume 1"  double CD with 29 songs,  

including songs by Lou Gramm from Foreigner, Jimmy Crespo from Aerosmith, and many other famous rockers.  
 You can find it at Target, Best Buy and other retailers. Or buy it here for $15.00 USD with Free Shipping.

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some of our worlds turmoil.

To submit songs for the mission, please visit our contact page or write,

TULCMM,  P.O. Box 284, Oakland TN. 38060.

  • Talkin' About You3:16

  • Cruzin'3:42

  • Rock and Roll Again3:12

  • Praise Ye The Lord2:25