The Plan is. To gather as many world renowned celebrities as possible to record songs and videos with messages of non violence and crime reduction, aimed at subconscious minds.

The music has to be in line with the current top hits of today, so people worldwide will want to sing along and dance with the songs, this will put the messages into their subconscious minds and maybe help calm some of our worlds turmoil.

We believe this can help change attitudes and violent lifestyles and possibly help calm some of the crime and violence, and terrorism of todays world and save lives everywhere.

So chip in and donate something. Everything helps. As you are thinking about the violence in the world, remember this. When you were born and the doctor smacked you on the rear and made you cry. It was probably a soothing melody your mother hummed to you to

calm you down.

Singalong with Hope 131. Open your Bible to Psalm 131

Help us teach tolerance & understanding.

  • Hope 1313:18

  • Praise Ye The Lord2:25

Here is an opportunity for you if you need to make some money.

Be one of our fundraisers.

Get people to donate to our 501(c)(3) charity.

We will give you 20% of everything you collect.

Some people owe lots of tax money to the I.R.S.

Some businesses owe huge amounts of tax money to the I.R.S.

Lots of them would rather donate to a good cause than give it to the I.R.S., and they can deduct the donation off their taxes.

Go door to door, business to business,

full time or in your spare time. With perseverance and a little luck you could make more money than you ever thought possible

at any job & do good for the world at the same time.

Plus, you can keep your donors for years to come and keep getting 20% of their donations every year.

Check our charity out with the I.R.S. if you wish.

Then contact us on our contact page and get started.

The Universal Life Church Music Ministry.

P.O. Box 284 Oakland TN. 38060

Sing along with Praise Ye The Lord.  Open your Bible to Psalm 150.


In foreign countries, & in our own country, crime, violence & war, are destroying our world.


The Universal Life Church Music Ministry

A 501(c)(3) Charity Organization

Working to Reduce Crime & Violence

Using Music, Music Videos, Books, Movies, & The Internet 

Delivering positive & constructive messages of non-violence and crime reduction.

Your donations are tax deductible.


or mail your donation to;

TULCMM, P.O.Box 284, Oakland TN. 38060